How to make an order for exclusive tailoring of fur products in the fashion house    


1. We invite you to visit us for a cup of fragrant coffee, approving our meeting in advance.

2. You can come to us with your ideas or with your desires. We will create and draw exactly your unique model. We will help to make a choice of ideas, furs and accessories. We always have all the latest professional magazines in stock: Collezioni , Show details, and others.

3. Having defined on the style and fur, we calculate the cost of the order.

4. The first measure is happening in the layout (of the cloth).

5. 2-3 fitting in the fur, it depends on the complexity of the product.

6. The term of production may vary from a number of orders and the season. Usually 2-4 weeks. We guarantee the fur and tailoring. Also provide post warranty service. There is a certificate from the auction and label manufacturer of fur for every fur coat dialing.


It's easy and pleasant to sew a fur coat. This is a joint work and as a result is luxury with an ideal fitting on the figure. It is impossible to buy a fur coat without disadvantages of the cut because we all are different. And only the individual approach will allow you to get exactly your fur coat.